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The Beacon E-Newsletter

June, July, August 2017/ Volume 9 Number 6


By Pastor Don Nelson

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Dante envisioned those words inscribed over the gateway to hell. 

If anyone had an excuse to abandon all hope, it was the apostle Paul. He endured extreme suffering and rejection to proclaim a Messiah whose Gospel is {1st Co 1:23} “a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,” and to build congregations of (generally) ignorant, lowly people who were (for the most part) easy targets for heresy, legalism, sexual sin, and divisive conflict within the Church, and social oppression and violet persecution from without. 

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Beacon News

The deadline for the September Beacon is Sunday, August 21st. Please place a hard copy of your article on the desk in the church office or email to: beverlycovenantchurch@comcast.net
Thank you.

My Dear Church Family,
Many thanks to all of you for praying for me when I was sick. Thanks to all who sent me cards, flowers, well-wishes and calls. I so appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.
Love, Elma Borozan

Thank you to all who supported the flower sale this spring for the benefit of youth campers and CHIC attendees. July 2018 will be here sooner than we expect and our 3 CHIC aged youth will have a head start on the fees for that wonderful week of Christian growth.
The C.E. Board

M.O.P.S. at Beverly

No Report”

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Upcoming Events

There are no T.G.I.S. classes during the summer months. The worship service will be held in the Fellowship Hall at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday School Picnic June 4, 2017 after 10:00 am Worship Service
Lunch: Grilled Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Pot luck dishes brought by members and friends. Sign up sheet in narthex to submit what dish you will bring so we have some opportunity to coordinate types of food we will have. Games will be played in the yard of the church=weather permitting. JOIN US FOR A TIME OF FUN AND FELLOWSHIP!!

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Emily Nelson will be graduating from Kellogg Elementary and going to the I.B. Program at Morgan Park High School

Kade OLaughlin will be graduating from Whitney Young High School and going to Grand Valley State University

Let's congratulate them and keep them in our prayers as they further their education!

Volunteers are needed to serve breakfast at 8:30 a.m. on June 10th, July 8th and August 12th. There is a sign up sheet located in the narthex, just outside the lounge door. If you need further information, please see Peter Berghoff, Harold Burton or Cheryl Christ.






































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01 Betty Burton
05 John Kilstrom
08 Keelin Crotty
09 Christopher Berghoff
11 Carolyn Burton
12 Quinn Kilstrom
13 Sean Crotty
15 Robert Cooney
16 Diane Shaw
Katlyn Gray
17 Lori Lang
20 Desmond OLaughlin
21 Roy Odman
22 Judy Stuckey
24 Gordon Nelson
Andrew Lang
25 Don Nelson
27 Janice Clark
Tracy Del Valle

01 Charles Brobst
05 Oliver Clemens
06 Marion Nelson
Wesley Baldwin
07 Samuel Lambert
Tyler Roeske
09 Thomas Marinier
12 Brian Crotty
17 Jenni Redding
18 Lois Ryd
Diana Gray
Wendy Micek
Kayla Roeske
21 Kade OLaughlin
22 Andrew Christ
23 Tony Churchill
24 Tom Clemens
27 Josh Christ
30 Joy Clutter
Lauren Tuzik
31 Christine Kilstrom
Karen Crotty

01 Elma Borozon
Peter Berghoff
02 Robert Fox
08 Jeffrey Marinier
12 Jaclyn Johnson
16 Bill Deering
18 Jerry Harrison
21 Kim Deering
22 Elliot Gentry
23 David Baldwin
Rebecca Sheahan
26 Marguerite Mitchell
Amy Lang
Dan Gray
AmyLynn Nelson
29 Melanie Burton
31 Stephanie Gentry


05 Dwight & Diana Erickson
14 Jaclyn & David Johnson
16 Lita & Richard Ford
20 Wes & Lois Ryd
21 Christine & Charles Brobst
23 Ben & Jenni Redding
24 Brian & Sheri Roeske
Richard & Carolyn Olsen
27 Harold & Betty Burton
28 Brian & Sara Dahlen
29 Wendy & Michael Micek

03 Ken & Diana Gray
07 Bill & Marlene Naegele
24 Tom & Ellie Marinier
Tony & Shelly Churchill

06 Adrian & Charleen Tuzik
09 Brendan & Christine
17 Christopher & Loretta
23 Bill & Leslie Deering

Infant & Toddler

During the summer months, childcare will be determined on a weekly basis as needed.


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