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Behavioral Covenant. . .

At Beverly Covenant, we believe that the way we treat each other reflects our relationship with Christ.

We believe we are called to love each other as Christ has loved us, to keep the peace of the Spirit, and to encourage each other in good deeds. We promote unity in the essentials while supporting liberty in non-essential matters. At all times, God expects us to express kindness in thought and conduct.

As a church, we have committed ourselves to the following guidelines.

With God’s help and Jesus as our example, we promise to:

  • behave humbly,
  • speak honestly,
  • forgive fully,
  • seek forgiveness always,
  • release hurt completely,
  • pray and worship continually,
  • welcome sincerely,
  • pursue Christian fellowship ,
  • and love each other completely.

When we fail to live by these principles, we will choose to believe the best about each other and act accordingly, to the glory of God, the blessing of his Church, and the advancement of his Kingdom in the world.  

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